Photography by Wim Van Isacker

Watching You, Watching Me

Nowadays we give up privacy so easy …

This project started with insecam.org, a website about “insecure” security-cams are exposed. Most security-cams stream their footage by internet connection to the server of the security firm. Those streams are password-protected but some people just use the “out of the box” password (that they should have changed). The website insecam.org gives you the footage of these insecure security-cams.

The images in the project show 4 pictures of the same place:

  • a picture taken from insecam.org of a certain place;
  • a picture taken from google-maps, showing the location where the first picture is taken;
  • a picture of the insecure security cam as found on google street view (based on the first picture and the google- maps picture you can pretty good pinpoint the location of the security cam);
  • a picture found on social media of people posing on the location

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